Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oh My Goodness, it is raining outside!!!  Whooppeeeeee!!!  I have our doors wide open and can smell that great, fresh rain.  Arizona so rarely gets rain that we have to do a little "jig" in celebration of some wet weather when it does happen. 
I even have jeans on today...He, he.....skinny jeans, of course!
Enough about all this, looks what's new in the store for these FALL days.

Lots of grey for fall.  We have several really cute tops....some with bling and some without.  We just replenished our earring and jewelry wall.  And I can tell you that the look is BIG.  Big earrings, big necklaces, big pins.  Come check it out!
Now it's off to work for me.....Hmmmmm, should I wear my boots?

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