Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Just got our large store wall all re-dressed with new outerwear.....and Girlies, they are all super cute!
We've got a trendy look for every occasion.

 This darling furry little number is so soft.  The double ruffle on the bottom sets it apart from all the others.
 Just put these out on the all these word boards. 
 I realize that Halloween is still a few days off, but we are only about 60 days from Christmas so thought you needed to see that we are still packed with gorgeous, fun, sparkly holiday items.  We have many different manger sets.  Isn't this one so pretty?  Hmmm, do I need this one???  I'm thinking yes!
 This one is my favorite!  Each figurine is adorable.  Isn't the little shepard boy on the ladder holding the hanging star the cutiest! 
 A new shipment of snowmen heads and hats just arrived.  These put a smile on everyone's face.
 If you're looking for a friendly greeter at your front door here he is.  His lamp post lights up.
All Fall and Christmas is 30% off this week.  A good time to start purchasing for your holiday needs.  
An early start makes for so much more to pick 
from and a lot less stress later on
Wishing you a great it's time for me
to head to work!

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