Friday, February 25, 2011

More, more and more!

more:  [mawr, mohrin greater quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number.
That's Designer Blvd. in a nutshell.   Everyday as we unpack new items and place them on the floor I walk around in amazement at all the unique and fun decor we can packed into one building.
 If I had a nickel for everytime I said, "Oh, this is so cute!", I would be rich! 
As we begin to bring in the new Spring lines we are seeing much more color.  Yellow, lavender, blue and green are strong.  These are such happy colors.
By adding just one colorful piece you can liven up your home.  We also have an abundance of greenery to choose from.  Including a green ball or a topiary will truly enhance your display.
Don't be afraid to incorporate several different textures into your displays.  A little bit of vintage with some mirror and ironwork can make a great statement.
For those who are looking for a more Mediterranean or Tuscan look will find many choice at our store too.
Be sure to stop in an join in on our celebration!
XO Nancy
Designer Blvd.'s Resident Blogger

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruffles and Lace

 Nothing says "feminine" like ruffles and lace.  When women wear it we just seem to feel really soft and pretty.....well I do anyway!  An evidently the trend setters must think it's a good look too, cause I am seeing a lot of it in our store right now. 
 It's pretty darn cute!  Makes you just want to prance around a little.  Check out the ruffle on the bottom left that stinkin cute or what??
 Here it is in the dress version.
 And not to be left out...these darling little rose change purses.  I thought they were hair clips until I turned them over and saw the zipper on the back!  LOL!  Who wouldn't want one of these sweet little items in their purse.
So many changes have been going on in the store over this past week.  We have been moving a lot of furniture around, putting in some new lighting, hung some new wallpaper, brought in lots of new product and we still have much, much more to do.  We think you'll agree that the shop just keeps getting better and better.  You'll have to stop in and see what you think.  
XO Nancy
Designer Blvd.'s Resident Blogger

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hoppin Down The Bunny Trail

We just couldn't's just so stinkin cute...we know it's a little have to admit it's a nice change!  I think this means I need to get my Valentine decorations put away at home! 
We have a large selection of darling Easter decor right now.  Not sure how long it will last so you may want to stop in soon and load up.  But I'm warning're going to have a hard time choosing!!
Do you need some new clothes to go with your new Easter decor? 
 Looking for some cute jeans, jean capris or jean shorts?  We have TONS!!  Our girls will help you find the perfect fit for you. 
The jewelry, purses, tops and dresses are rolling in too.   Isn't this little pink vintage looking dress sweet.
 We still have a few Petal Chic hats left.  They look great with so many outfits.
OK, have to hurry off to unpack some more boxes of goodies.  Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day with loved ones and got to enjoy a little chocolate high.  Come see us when you're out and about.
XO Nancy
Designer Blvd.'s Resident Blogger

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Havin a Party??

Every good party needs some fun decorations.
A litter glitter never hurts either!
If you're looking for some colorful, unique party decor we just happen to have it.
A few of these glittered metal balloons hanging around your room would add such a whimsical touch.
Does your guest of honor need a "crown?"
 How about a special glass?
Don't forget a cute cheese and knife platter and some matching napkins.
 Add a few pretty flowers and you are set for an evening of pure enjoyment!
Gee, can I come too?
Have a great day!

Designer Blvd.'s Resident Blogger

Monday, February 7, 2011


 Are you battling the dry skin issue this time of the year?  Looking for a good sugar scrub?  Try out our brand new "exclusive" line of Designer Blvd. skin products.  We now offer a grapefruit shea body butter, a grapefruit sugar scrub, a lip balm and a grapefruit scented travel bag (includes a hand & body lotion, hand sanitizer, moisterizing milk bath and scrubby).
Not only will you feel smooth and silky, but you'll smell yummy too!!
We're getting some pretty new clothes in the store. 
 This top is sure to bring out the romantic in you!
Who says you can't look dressed up in a T-shirt.....all you need is some pearls and a delicate sweater.  These new shirts are a "hoot" with blinged out sayings like, "Fish Like a Girl," "Love Big," "Be fabu Lous."
A few new home decor pieces.
 Carol's purchases from her 3-week buying trip is starting to arrive this week.  We can hardly wait to see what she picked out.  We know it will be fantastic and we are excited to get it out for all of you to enjoy!  Don't forget that Valentine's Day is only a week away!   All our Valentine products are 30% off.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I love anything with words on it.  Guess it's because they tend to be so inspirational and meaningful.  So you can guess how thrilled I was when these showed up at the store.   
They come in all sizes and tons of different sayings. 
You can tuck them into your decor just about anywhere.  They make sweet gifts too.  And the prices are very reasonable.

New felt pillows, wire and wood cages, seed baskets and more....great accents on your tables.

Sheri has been busy making new florals.  They are a cheerful reminder of the nice weather that is just around the corner.....I hope! 
Watch for my next post when I show you our new "exclusive" Designer Blvd." products. 
Designer Blvd.'s Resident Blogger