Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 It started like this at 5pm on Saturday......


then to this from 9 AM through 9 PM on Sunday.....
 then from 8AM through 10:30 PM Monday......
 and finally from 8 AM through 11:30 PM Tuesday!
 After 40+ hours of hard work, sore back, legs and feet, lots of Advil, sweat and glitter from head to toe 
(also in hair, between toes, in nose and mouth and ears)
here is the fabulous final result!
 We did not forget a VERY important holiday, THANKSGIVING!
We are thankful for our faith, family and friends,
               and YOU our WONDERFUL patrons!
Incredible, huh?  Last night when we were finishing up I just had to stand back and admire all our hard work.  I was truly in awe of all the talent these women have.  We are so lucky to have them working for us. 
OK, now for the CRAZY part....we are still unpacking, pricing and placing more Christmas on the floor!  YIKES!!!!  I'm worried that we may spill out into the parking lot!   
Now it's time for me to drag this old, very tired body into bed...nighty night!


Paige and Colleen Padilla said...

Absolutely fab!

carolhatch said...

Wow and wow and did I say wow ! !
It is and was breathtaking !