Sunday, October 31, 2010


Trick or treat?  Which was it for you?  If you didn't get a treat you better stop in to Designer Blvd. and pick one up!  We've got tons and tons of wonderful items for you to choose from.
Like these awesome new pillowcases.  Right now we are carrying three of their many designs. 
   1.  P. S. I love you
   2.  LOVE (written in 5 languages)
   3.  Sleeps with dog
 The pillowcases are incredibly soft.  They come packaged in a cute little muslin bag and would make wonderful gifts.

If it's candles you need we have several in many different colors.  These beauties are a pretty light blue with little pearl accents.  There are also lots of battery operated candles and they come in several different colors and fragrances.
I think these wooden candlesticks are so unique. They look great all clustered together.
SOooooo, did you know that there is only 53 more days until Christmas?  Wow, where has the year gone. Time to start gearing up for the holidays.  Is that Christmas music I hear???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Just got our large store wall all re-dressed with new outerwear.....and Girlies, they are all super cute!
We've got a trendy look for every occasion.

 This darling furry little number is so soft.  The double ruffle on the bottom sets it apart from all the others.
 Just put these out on the all these word boards. 
 I realize that Halloween is still a few days off, but we are only about 60 days from Christmas so thought you needed to see that we are still packed with gorgeous, fun, sparkly holiday items.  We have many different manger sets.  Isn't this one so pretty?  Hmmm, do I need this one???  I'm thinking yes!
 This one is my favorite!  Each figurine is adorable.  Isn't the little shepard boy on the ladder holding the hanging star the cutiest! 
 A new shipment of snowmen heads and hats just arrived.  These put a smile on everyone's face.
 If you're looking for a friendly greeter at your front door here he is.  His lamp post lights up.
All Fall and Christmas is 30% off this week.  A good time to start purchasing for your holiday needs.  
An early start makes for so much more to pick 
from and a lot less stress later on
Wishing you a great it's time for me
to head to work!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oh My Goodness, it is raining outside!!!  Whooppeeeeee!!!  I have our doors wide open and can smell that great, fresh rain.  Arizona so rarely gets rain that we have to do a little "jig" in celebration of some wet weather when it does happen. 
I even have jeans on today...He, he.....skinny jeans, of course!
Enough about all this, looks what's new in the store for these FALL days.

Lots of grey for fall.  We have several really cute tops....some with bling and some without.  We just replenished our earring and jewelry wall.  And I can tell you that the look is BIG.  Big earrings, big necklaces, big pins.  Come check it out!
Now it's off to work for me.....Hmmmmm, should I wear my boots?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


So, does your candle have a belt?  Well, if it doesn't you may want to stop in to our shop and pick one up!  What's a candle belt you ask?????
and this is what it looks like on a candle....

 Aren't they cool!  
Actually, I'm really not sure what they are called.
I think they look like a blinged out belt (and they
are made from a piece of belt) so I just came up with the name, Candle Belt!
Any how, we've got tons of really terrific looking
ones just for you to pick from.  Besides, there's nothing worse then a "naked" candle!
That's it for today folks!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rested and Back in the Saddle!

Our Christmas House was a big success thanks to all of you!  I am finally rested up and ready to roll.
It was kind of fun to change my focus over the past couple days to the clothing and jewelry boutique side of the store.  So many super cute new items are on the floor that I didn't even know about.
For instance,
 ....this sweater top is so cute!  I love all the colorful outline prints on it.  It looks smashing with leggings and goes with so many different colored tops.  Check out the little brown hat on top of the mannequin.
Here's a few more favorites,
 We got busy in the shop before I was able to get all the photos I wanted so the pics stop here today.  Guess you'll have to stop by to see all the good stuff!  Christmas and Thanksgiving are still going strong with all kinds of glorious goodies for your home.  Oh, and not to overlook Halloween.  We have a great stash of Halloween decor at 50% off!!
I'm still brushing off glitter from my face, arms and legs these days.  I think that is just the way it is going to be for a few more months.  Hey, it just goes with my glittery personality!! LOL!
Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 It started like this at 5pm on Saturday......


then to this from 9 AM through 9 PM on Sunday.....
 then from 8AM through 10:30 PM Monday......
 and finally from 8 AM through 11:30 PM Tuesday!
 After 40+ hours of hard work, sore back, legs and feet, lots of Advil, sweat and glitter from head to toe 
(also in hair, between toes, in nose and mouth and ears)
here is the fabulous final result!
 We did not forget a VERY important holiday, THANKSGIVING!
We are thankful for our faith, family and friends,
               and YOU our WONDERFUL patrons!
Incredible, huh?  Last night when we were finishing up I just had to stand back and admire all our hard work.  I was truly in awe of all the talent these women have.  We are so lucky to have them working for us. 
OK, now for the CRAZY part....we are still unpacking, pricing and placing more Christmas on the floor!  YIKES!!!!  I'm worried that we may spill out into the parking lot!   
Now it's time for me to drag this old, very tired body into bed...nighty night!