Friday, September 17, 2010

Loving the Fall Colors!

Orange, green, burgundy, purple, these warm fall colors.  They just make you want to cozy up next to a fire with a cup of cocoa and a good book.  Unless of course you live in AZ and it's 102 degrees outside!!!  Then you just love to decorate for the fall and PRETEND it's crisp and cool outside!
I'm really liking these gorgeous lamps and yummy centerpiece.   They totally say, "FALL."  

Of course, you could always sneak in a ghoulish hand holding a happy pumpkin head just for fun!
We finally got our back room put together again.  There are some very pretty lamps, wall decor and furniture just waiting for someone to take them home.  
The kitchen is filled with all new items.  If you're looking for canisters we have some nice ones.  Wouldn't you know that Carol would go out and buy some very gorgeous red and black ones.  My house is done in black and white and red!  Oh, the temptation!!  
Have a great weekend.  If you feel the need to shop, come see us!

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