Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Love Cool New Clothes!

So, I happened to be watching the Today Show a couple days ago and they were showing some of the latest fashion trends for this fall and winter.  One of them happened to be faux fur on dresses!  Then I come to work on Monday and low and behold...........Carol has purchased just that!!!!   How she manages to always be right on top of the trends is beyond me.  OK, this dress is too cute.  I do realize that it's a tad on the warm side still, but this is definitely a dress you will want to snatch-up now to wear in another month.
Pair this darling embellished jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and you will truly be the "BOMB!"
Leopard print with sequins on top makes for a super cool topper.  This little jacket will be a real eye-catcher for the holidays and beyond.  
If it's a cardigan you need this ruffled gray one should do the trick.  We've put it over a little black dress and added some black and silver jewelry.  
Now the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.........drum roll......................
Yep, that's right....the real thing....certificate 
to prove it.   
they are 25% off this week!!   Woo-Hoo!!!
For any of you that didn't know (like me), these jeans take something like 7 days each to make!  I'm not kidding!  They are all hand riveted with crystals.  AMAZING!  We are carrying 3 different styles.  
Come take a look.
Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather.  
I know I sure am.  
Have a good week!

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