Monday, November 29, 2010


Whew!!!  What a weekend!  The turnout for our Black Friday sale was amazing!  You all got some great deals and we cleared out a ton of merchandise. 
Today we are working to clean up, re-arrange and bring in new home decor.  Sorry, that's it for Christmas here.  What's left is 60% off this week.  As Christmas draws near we are all thinking about what to wear to all the special events.  No better time to "glitter" then now!
As you climb up your ladder to decorate your tree
please be careful....don't fall off unto the hard tile and land on your cheek and eye, knocking yourself out cold like I did! OUCH!!  Luckily, I am recovering fine.  Just a little sore and bruised.
Have fun putting up all your new
Designer Blvd. Christmas decorations.  We would love to see what you've created.  Send us your pictures in an  email and we will post them!
XO Nancy

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