Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruffles and Lace

 Nothing says "feminine" like ruffles and lace.  When women wear it we just seem to feel really soft and pretty.....well I do anyway!  An evidently the trend setters must think it's a good look too, cause I am seeing a lot of it in our store right now. 
 It's pretty darn cute!  Makes you just want to prance around a little.  Check out the ruffle on the bottom left shirt...is that stinkin cute or what??
 Here it is in the dress version.
 And not to be left out...these darling little rose change purses.  I thought they were hair clips until I turned them over and saw the zipper on the back!  LOL!  Who wouldn't want one of these sweet little items in their purse.
So many changes have been going on in the store over this past week.  We have been moving a lot of furniture around, putting in some new lighting, hung some new wallpaper, brought in lots of new product and we still have much, much more to do.  We think you'll agree that the shop just keeps getting better and better.  You'll have to stop in and see what you think.  
XO Nancy
Designer Blvd.'s Resident Blogger

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carolhatch said...

Nancy You have a gift ! Thanks so very much for sharing it ! You are a blessing !