Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Havin a Party??

Every good party needs some fun decorations.
A litter glitter never hurts either!
If you're looking for some colorful, unique party decor we just happen to have it.
A few of these glittered metal balloons hanging around your room would add such a whimsical touch.
Does your guest of honor need a "crown?"
 How about a special glass?
Don't forget a cute cheese and knife platter and some matching napkins.
 Add a few pretty flowers and you are set for an evening of pure enjoyment!
Gee, can I come too?
Have a great day!

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The Harris Family said...

What great ideas. My moms club is searching for ideas with hosting our fist silent auction. Your advice is appreciated. said...

Beautiful! So glad I found your site thru Laura Winslow Photography!