Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It started like this.........
.....and it ended like this!
 All new sofa's, end tables, sofa tables, chairs and artwork.  We are excited to bring you a whole "new look" at Designer Blvd.  Our warehouse is bulging at the seams with new product.  Over these next few weeks we will continue to tweek our store displays as we add unique new items for your home.  Your surroundings are important.  They can thrill your heart and soothe your soul.  Our Design Team, along with our beautiful new furniture and accessories, can make your home an alluring haven that will cause you to fall in love with it all over again.
Here is a look at some of the other changes we've made.
 Oh, and not to worry, we are still bringing in new clothes and accessories on a daily basis.
Come see us.  
Our doors open at 10:00 AM 
and close at 6 PM 
Tuesday through Saturday.


Ashley -The Cutest Blog on the Block said...

hello! this is ashley from the cutest blog on the block. Your background was removed from your blog because of some changes we made to our hosting services. Please just go back to this link:
and grab the 'madison avenue' code again and your blog will be fabulous again.

dining table said...

I am so impressed in the changes that you made. It is really a big change. I love all your stuff in your house. All are so fascinating. I wish I live in that place.

stephielj123 said...

I love all your pics... Can't wait to visit your store and do some shopping!

stephielj123 said...

I became a follower of your blog through FACEBOOK:)