Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I would have called you on the phone BUT ...
So -  just arrived last night the following;
White stitch bootcut and shorts, brown stitch, Miss me 
knock offs,and pink stitching, spring stitching and more 
styles you love. We are expecting shipment any day 
with New Miss Me's and they are fabulous !!!  
As usual ! More kids jeans this week ! 
and LOTS, LOTS more everyday -  so hurry in !  
NOTE ; We also received some CUTE new belts !

Now please don't forget our 
That side of the store is exploding with 
Amazement - our staff is really working their tails 
off for your enjoyment ! 
Give them a high five when you come by !  
We have new candle charms exclusive to and by
Designer Blvd.  because we make them - we offer them at an 
amazing price just for you !
They are at front counter - Also at the front counter back wall
have you seen the amazing address signs for your 
front porch-or entry?
YOU have your name, YOUR address and whatever saying
to welcome your friends and neighbors ! Great find at Market !
They are killer - can be special ordered and make 
your HOME unique !  I could go on and on - just 
stop by for the Grand Tour.
We are not a store 
we are a destination !
Please keep sharing with your friends !
And a Big Thank You for ALL YOU DO !
Designer Blvd. friends, you are 
the BEST !
Today is going to be a great day -
because we are all going to try and make a
difference in just one persons life !
If you get a thought to give someone a call today -
do it - NOW ! 
Smile at a stranger in the grocery store !
Hugs and Kisses to all
Have a Super Tuesday !

From the whole staff at
Designer Blvd Allison, Bonnie, Nancy, Katie,Carol, Cathy, 
Vanessa, Brittany and our new girl on the Block Sherie,
and we couldn't live without our MAN Aaron
Come out today - We Need to see 
YOUR smiling face !
There is only one you in this world ! 
We are located on the Southeast corner of Higley and Queen Creek Rd.

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