Thursday, March 11, 2010


Please be our guest... It's Girls night out ALL day long.
Your especially invited as a VIP guest.  We start at 9:00 a.m. 
but we go until 9:30 p.m.
First pick of ALL - and  I mean ALL
the new stuff - and we will be restocking all day - with more new stuff !
Now for those of you waiting - the all white,  white stitching 
jeans are here, and in bootcut !   The lighter blue denim white 
stitching jeans are here,  The Bermudas are here !
We have jeans out the ya-zoo - and are they sooo - cute !   
We have new Miss Me shorts for girls and they are beautiful !
We have new clothes and are they amazing !!
JEWELRY, PURSES ! and more jewelry and purses 
and did I mention some more jewelry.  Did I mention how we only 
have the latest and greatest !
AND oh, the wow factor is going on in the HOME DECOR area- you 
don't want to miss this one ! I can hardly sleep I am so excited and 
I have been working all night on this !
All day
Shop till you drop 25% OFF till your hearts content !   
6:00 Dinner is served - by Designer Weddings by Gina
 All night -- Jaw dropping door prizes every 20 min.  
It will be the event everyone is talking about 
 7:00 - 8:00
 We have a special guest 
Emily Bloom watches - and she is making a exclusive 
birthday watch and ring just for us !  
 They are the Bling watch everyone wants and we got 
it just for you and they are exclusive !

7:30 - Bonnie and Carol are bringing it on,  
in the accessory area - the latest and greatest !!! - 
And it's a wow,  come check out all the new stuff  
that the elves dragged in last night !
 with much gratitude and appreciation, for all your 
kind thoughts, support and friendship !
 We would not be the Amazing Designer Blvd.
without each and everyone of you !
Thank you - and come celebrate with US ALL
at Designer Blvd.  It's not a store anymore
It's a destination !
From us all
A BIG Thank You !
Carol, Allison, Bonnie, Sherie, Vanessa, Brittany, 
Katie, Cathy, Nancy, and our muscles - Aaron !

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