Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yes, we've been at it again!  Working late into the night we have transformed the front boutique area of the store.  Not only can we now see our wonderful customers throughout the boutique, but we have made the shopping area more open and still we have been able to add more clothing and accessories. 
If you are searching for new sandals, you will be able to find them all in one place.....neatly stacked in one of our shelving cabinets.
We think you'll agree that all these changes are an added improvement to help make your shopping experience that much better.  Take a peek at some of the other new looks:
 Now that we have the boutique in ship~shape it's time to move on through Home Decor.  Carol has purchased some wonderful new pieces that we need to find spaces for.  Over the next few weeks we will continue to change things up in the home decor areas of the store.  
We just love helping you discover new and unique merchandise to take home and enjoy! 

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